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See What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Spinal Decompression… and Their Results!

“I always knew that my back pain stopped me from doing the “honey do” list around the house, but it never effected the things that I cherished the most, until my daughter had her first child. As my grandson grew, I needed my wife to carry him around because my back would hurt for days if I tried to do it all myself. Once my grandson grew into the toddler stage, I would take him to the park and sit on the bench and watch him play with my daughter. His 3rd birthday party he told his mom all he wanted was to play baseball with his grandfather. I tried pain management and physical therapy, but nothing seemed to help the situation. This is when I decided to go see Dr. Conforti. After the consultation, I knew that this office was the place for me. Their were infants, toddlers, families, and retirees coming in and out of the office and the office staff knew each and every name and greeted each accordingly. I was immediately sold on the treatment plan and in fact, Dr. Conforti and his staff arranged for me to start my treatment THAT day! It only took a few treatments to realize that I made the right decision. Three treatments in, I felt the tingling and fire pains dissipate.  By the end of the treatment I felt better then I had in 15 years. I was finally able to play that game of baseball with my grandson. Every day I am thankful for Dr. Conforti and his outstanding staff. Their attentiveness and friendliness made me feel welcomed and their treatments made me healthy!” 
- Pete L. Palm Harbor

“Following my car accident, a friend of mine told me about Dr. Conforti. I went to his office because I was not able to sit for more than a few minutes before I had to stand up and stretch out my back. I missed a lot of work due to the pain. My friend went to Dr. Conforti for years for his chiropractic adjustments and was desperate to help me eliminate my pain. I went to him initially for a chiropractic consultation. Upon viewing my x-rays and EMG, he determined that I was an ideal candidate for the DRX. I was very hesitant to go through with the treatment, but I was willing to try it if it meant that I would not have to have surgery to restore my ability to sit and perform my job. After the first few treatments, my feelings changed. I was able to sit for longer periods or time, and return to work and provide for my family. When the treatment was finished, I was fully returned to work and once again able to take car rides to visit my friends and family in North Carolina. I am so thankful that my friend sent me to Dr. Conforti. I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life!”
– Joan S. Clearwater, FL

“I was a police officer for 29 years before I retired to a smaller security company. After so many years of being rough on my body and constantly being on my feet, my body started to feel the effects of my challenging career. I was having sciatic pain and I had the constant feeling of pain and burning in my low back and down my legs. I saw a commercial for Dr. Conforti’s DRX9000 machine on television and realized for the first time that I had the option of something other than surgery to rid myself of the pain that was preventing me from enjoying my much deserved retirement. I went in for a consultation and saw just how much I had going on in my back. I finally saw the reasons behind the pain I was feeling. The x-rays and MRI’s revealed herniations and bulges throughout my lower back. I felt sure that the DRX was something that would change my way of life. I can honestly say that only 2 treatments in, my life improved. I felt like I could have gone back out on the roads and work for another 10 years, but that feeling was short lived! Instead I found other things to do with my free time. I am playing golf and tennis and going on trips my friends and family. I enjoy every minute and I am constantly thankful for the treatments and time I spent with Dr. Conforti.”
–Steve W. Palm Harbor, FL

 “There are not enough words to explain my gratitude to Dr. Conforti. As a life flight nurse, my career always left me tired and my body aching. I eventually gave up my position on the trauma helicopter and stayed at the hospital, because my neck pain was so intense that it prevented me from performing the tasks involved in transporting a trauma patient from the site to the hospital. It took everything in me to resign from my life flight position. Finally as I was working in the emergency room one day, the neck pain got so intense I drop the instrument tray I was carrying. I ended up having to take a few weeks off. I tried pain management, but I could not go to work ‘drugged up.’ Cold packs and ibuprofen seemed to be the only way I could make it through the day. I researched option on the internet, and came upon Dr. Conforti’s spinal decompression. I did some more research and found that patients that went through the treatment had a higher success rate then those that went through with surgery. I spoke to some of the doctors and surgeons at the hospital and decided to go in and see what the machine was all about. It only took a few minutes, and Dr. Conforti gained my respect as a doctor. He took the time to explain things and listen to the concerns and goals I had in mind. I went to his office in Trinity and had the full cervical treatment. Six short months after I went in for the initial consultation, I was back on the life flight and enjoying my work once again. Dr. Conforti’s care and kindness not only changed my life, but gave me the ability to help those most in need.”
–Ann Marie H. Tampa, FL

“After my second back surgery in 2 years, I sought an alternative. The surgeries provided me with temporary relief from my pain, but within a few months, the pain returned and I was challenged again with the decision of whether or not to undergo the surgery. I felt like the rest of my life was going to be spent recovering from surgeries. I heard about the DRX 9000 from some of my friends at church. They said that the treatment process was non-evasive, and I could continue with my daily living while undergoing the treatment. I made some phone calls, and found that Dr. Conforti had an office in Oldsmar, right near my house. The treatments were painless, in fact I slept through the 25 minutes that I was on the table. I started to feel better half way through treatment, but my friends were the ones that noticed the real difference. They would comment on my improved attitude and restored sense of humor. The only thing that I truly regret is not going through the DRX treatment before suffering through the painful surgeries. I thank God every day that I wake up in the morning and I do not feel pain when I get out of bed. The DRX 9000 provided me with my life back, and Dr. Conforti and his team gave me the strength and knowledge to remain healthy.”
– Frank R. Oldsmar, FL

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